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Am I legally married?

Wedding Legalities

Support you through the legalities of Marriage.


You will require the following documentation:

  • The  Notice of Intended Marriage form

  • Be over the age of 18 years

  • Have your original Birth Certificate (English version) or Passport

  • Photo Identification: Passport or Drivers Licence

Pre Wedding Day

​I will be available throughout the course of your upcoming day.


  • We will need to meet to sign a Commonwealth Statutory Declaration before the wedding.

  • Advise me of your 2 witnesses (who are over the age of 18 and can understand English).


Additional Requirements

If you have been married before I will need to sight your:


  • Original Divorce documents (English Version)

  • Original Death Certificate (English Version)

  • If you are from Overseas then documentation from your home country will be required

Wedding Day

​This is the moment.........


Today is the day you have waited for.


I will be there to guide you, support you and deliver your wedding ceremony.


I do!

Meeting you

Lets meet!


Now is the time to get to know each other so your  wedding ceremony can be planned and personalised.


It's important to contact me via the Contact page email 

Post Wedding

I will mail your Marriage documentation to the Perth Office of Births, Deaths and Marriages for your marriage to be legally registered in Australia.

Contact me for a free quote to discuss your wedding or celebration!

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